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Mr. Nyce's Classroom

Room - 212

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May 3rd - 7th

Monday will be an E - Day

  • The website will be updated with the up-coming information for our class and school.

  • I will post all links which will stay on the page without having to scroll up and down like we have to do on the google classroom.  For example if you wanted to access the reading vocabulary for the current story you will be able to go right to the reading page to locate it.  As students and more information is added to the google classroom (Stream) the post from me will be pushed down on the page.  

  • Please contact me with any concerns.  I also promise that your children are good hands and everything will be explained to them before moving on.  

1) Our room will have Spanish on Fridays the period after lunch (12:15-1:00)


Homework - The homework will be posted before the beginning of the week on this site. The students will still have to copy it down in school, but it will be on the website and google page for review. Depending on what gets covered in school the homework may change due to changes in the class. If the homework from the website changes and the students have a different assignment in their copybook, then they are responsible for the work in their homework book. Students will generally have to study most nights and what written work there is. With the amount of work and content studying a few nights ahead is key.  Remember - even though there might not be a lot of written work or any for that matter you will always have to study for homework. Trying different study techniques like: making note cards, making tests at home, etc. are always good ways to study for the tests

I will post the home work each day on the google classroom.  I will not put it up on the website. 



Tests this week

  • Tuesday - Grammar Test - descriptive adjectives, proper adjectives, and articles

  • Wednesday - Theme 4 test - "Riding Freedom" to "Sacagawea" - Test will include the vocabulary, skills, and strategies from all five stories.

  • Thursday - Social Studies Test - American Revolution to the end of the 1st Continental Congress


1) Study 

2) Book Reports - Due May 17th

3) Math - Worksheets each night

Grades and Test packets

The last packet was sent home on Friday.  All grades will or already have been uploaded to OptionC.  Please review the packets and return signed when finished.  The updated A/R achieved points should be on the from cover page.









This year A/R will count for a grade in reading.  Each student will take a placement test (Star Reading Test) in the beginning of each trimester and then will be given a point level to achieve within a book level range.  Please make sure to read early and often to strive to reach the goal and not trying to cram towards the end of the trimester.  I will conference with each student about their new goals and then they will come home to conference with their parent(s) to make sure the goals are okay.  I would like each student to discuss the goal with their parent(s) before sending home the A/R cards to make sure the students feel comfortable with the goal that is set. Please let me know if you have any questions.  A/R points earned and the goal will be on the front of each test packet for you to review each time one goes home. You will be able to keep track of the points needed throughout the year to reach the goal. Everyone is working hard on the goals for the 2nd trimester.  Continue to read and take tests. 



How to log into A/R: 

Example: Laura Hritz

Username: LHrit (First two letters must be capitalized; rest of last name lowercase)

Password: LH (Initials must be capitalized)

MyON - A/R - This is the site that you can access books from home or anywhere. 

● Click on “I’m a Student”

● User Name: student first initial followed by the first four letters of the student’s last name ○ Example: John Smith = JSmit

● Password: student initials ○ Example: John Smith = JS

● Once your child logs in, he/she can access myON, the resource for digital books (purple icon).

A/R - Book finder - This is the site where the students can look up if a book is an accelerated reader book.

Additional A/R assistance - Renaissance/AR link with some good resources and explanations.

Get Epic - This will be a link to locate more books to read.  



Up-Coming Events:

A/R - Try to read as much as possible so we are not pushing a lot towards the end of the trimester

Way to go!  There are a handful of students that have already achieved their goal!  Remember to take tests early and work towards that goal. 

School Uniforms

Students are permitted to continue to wear their gym uniform or formal uniform for the remainder of the school year.  Uniforms for the rest of the year - The students can begin wearing their summer uniforms.  Please read the Parent/Student Handbook for a complete description of the summer gym and regular uniform. 

Word Walls

There are only a few more to be handed in.  The grades are all posted on OptionC this week.  The other assignments that are handed in will be graded and added to OptionC as they are handed in.  I am setting a deadline of this Friday for any of them to be handed in.   



We have already completed on of their presentations for the 3rd trimester (William Penn Letter). Some of the students have already finished their Word Wall stories and have presented them also.  We will work on presenting some more during our short week.

School Supplies - We are coming down to the end of year, but we are running out of pens, pencils, etc.  Please check with your child on school supplies.  There are a number of students that are using different color pens instead of the blue pens.  Please also check to see if there are any other missing school supplies. There are also some students running out of room in their copybooks. 

Chromebooks - Just a reminder to use them for only what is needed for class instruction.  I will be monitoring them much more closely. 




Classroom Information

Specials -  Computer (A-Day), Library (B-Day), Gym(C-Day), Music (D-Day), Art (E-Day)

Think Central - This is where the students and parents can access the reading and science information for the year.  Since each year the students have to be added into a new grade the log-in.  The information on how to log-in can be found below.    After the information is sent home please follow the steps to log-in.  

Quizlet- Below is the homepage link for quizlet.  You will have to create an account if you haven't down so already.  You can create quizzes for each subject based on the topic. 

Schedule - This is last year's schedule, but it is very similar to what we will follow this year.  Our last week for this year will be cut a little shorter and will end at 2:25.

OptionC - This week you will begin to see the grades be put into OptionC for any of the tests or projects that were completed already. 

Cleanliness of the room and school - I am giving constant reminders to wash hand, hand sanitize, and try to be as clean as possible. We are trying to work hard to keep everyone safe and healthy in the classroom.


We will continue them this week.
































Birthday Celebration

TBD - Due to COVID



Please make sure that the parents arrange the treats and party supplies to bring in on the dates given.  I will be taking them outside for a little extra recess at the end of the day to add to the B-day celebration.  Please check the birthday celebrations above which explains the directions.  The date next to the month is the assigned date that the treats and supplies should be brought in for each month. Dates subject to change due to schedule changes. 


Scholastic Orders

The code to get into our classroom is JWFFK and a sticker was placed in their homework books that displays this code.  This was given to each student on the first day of school and can be found inside of their homework book.  You no longer have to bring in the paper (order form) that was given out in class.  If you go onto and type in the code above it will prompt you to our classroom.  You then order the books and they will be shipped into school after the transaction goes through.  











Any questions:



Mrs. McCabe




No music due to COVID

Welcome to our classroom!

This site will be updated weekly to help the parents and students be informed what is happening daily in our classroom and school.  Please review the pages and let me know if you ever have any questions.