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January 20th -24th

A - Day (Tuesday)

Monday Off MLK Day

 Catholic Schools Week - Sunday 1/26 from 10-12 OPEN HOUSE

A list of activities will be listed below.

The website will be updated before the beginning of each week to give the parents and students an overview what we will cover. 

Please contact me with any concerns.  I also promise that your children are good hands and everything will be explained to them before moving on.  A couple of things to remember:

1) Our room will have Spanish on Fridays the period after lunch (12:15-1:00)

2) Mr. Moratelli and I will be switching classes for social studies.  He will teach my homeroom and I will teach his.



Homework - The homework will be posted before the beginning of the week on this site. The students will still have to copy it down in school, but it will be on the website for review. Depending on what gets covered in school the homework may change due to changes in the class. If the homework from the website changes and the students have a different assignment in their copybook then they are responsible for the work in their homework book. Students will generally have to study most nights and what written work there is. With the amount of work and content studying a few nights ahead is key.  Remember - even though there might not be a lot of written work or any for that matter you will always have to study for homework. Trying different study techniques like: making note cards, making tests at home, etc. are always good ways to study for the tests

We are asking for Large Print Puzzle Books for the elderly that will be added to their care packages during CSW.​

The pages could change due to what we can cover each day during class.

Monday - study

Tuesday -  study

Wednesday - study

Thursday -  study

Friday - 1/2 Day and study




Tuesday - Reading Test - "The Life and Times of an Ant" - Same layout as the other reading tests

Wednesday - Grammar Test - Will include Sing/Pl Possessive Nouns, Nouns used as subject/direct objects/subject complements .


A/R points earned and the goal will be on the front of each test packet for you to review each time one goes home. You will be able to keep track of the points needed throughout the year to reach the goal. This year A/R will count for a grade in reading.  Each student will take a placement test (Star Reading Test) in the beginning of each trimester and then will be given a point level to achieve within a book level range.  Please make sure to read early and often to strive to reach the goal and not trying to cram towards the end of the trimester.  I will conference with each student about their new goals and then they will come home to conference with their parent(s) to make sure the goals are okay.  I would like each student to discuss the goal with their parent(s) before sending home the A/R cards to make sure the students feel comfortable with the goal that is set. Please let me know if you have any questions.

All of the students were given their 2nd trimester goals during and all A/R cards were sent home with the students who conference with their parents and have confirmed their new goal.  Please sign and return to school at your earliest connivence. 

Up-Coming Events:

Test Packets - I will be sending home the next packet early this week.  It will include all of the tests and quizzes from the last two weeks. 

Box Tops - Please refer to the box top link on the school website. 

Reading Olympics - 53 students, WOW! It was great to see everyone at the meeting and I love to see the participation from that many students.  Remember to read the books on the RR sheets.  Great job!

Field Trip - Chaperone Slips are due Monday - I will be randomly selecting out of a hat this week and then checking to make sure everyone has their clearances.  Before the permission slips and monetary information is sent home, the chaperone papers will be sent home this week.  This sheet will listed the date, times, and location for the trip.  If a parent would like to be a chaperone, please fill in and return back to school.  It the due date will be listed.  The names will be drawn randomly and each chaperone will be notified.  The permission slips with the amount for the trip will then be sent home.  Please check to make sure that you have your clearances before sending your sheet in to be a chaperone.   Due back to school 1/27.  

Sneaker Fridays Each and every Friday (except Mass days or especial occasions) the students can wear a pair of sneakers with their regular school uniforms.  The socks must be a solid black, blue, white, or red.  No flips flops, sandals, or any type of open toe or open exposing the feet.

Catholic Schools Week - Sunday 1/26 from 10-12 OPEN HOUSE - Please share with all families and introduce our wonderful school to them. Everyone is welcome to stop in to view what your fantastic children are currently working on in class and to see their classrooms.  The list of activities for the CSW week can be located at the top of the page.  Here is a overview for each day.    Sunday - OPEN HOUSE 10-12 Sunday 1/26

Monday - Community Day - LARGE PRINT PUZZLE BOOKS for donations  Tuesday - Celebrating the Nation - Students can wear RED, WHITE, and BLUE accessories with their regular uniforms,      Wednesday -Vocation Day    Thursday - Student Appreciation Day  -  Students may bring in a board game/No electronics   Friday 1/2 Day - Mass No Sneaker Friday and early dismissal.


Classroom Information


Specials -  Computer (A-Day), Library (B-Day), Gym(C-Day), Music (D-Day), Art (E-Day)

Think Central - Since each year the students have to be added into a new grade the log-in information will be sent home when that is completed.  After the information is sent home please follow the steps to log-in.  I will inform the parents when everything is sent home.

Quizlet- Below is the homepage link for quizlet.  You will have to create an account if you haven't down so already.  You can create quizzes for each subject based on the topic. 

Depending on the week and schedule I will try to stay in one day a week during recess to give the students a study recess period.  This period could be used to review any material, finish any work, or to read for SSR.  











Birthday Celebration






Please make sure that the parents arrange the treats and party supplies to bring in on the dates given.  I will be taking them outside for a little extra recess at the end of the day to add to the B-day celebration.  Please check the birthday celebrations above which explains the directions.  The date next to the month is the assigned date that the treats and supplies should be brought in for each month. Dates subject to change due to schedule changes. 


Scholastic Orders

The code to get into our classroom is JWFFK and a sticker was placed in their homework books that displays this code.  This was given to each student on the first day of school and can be found inside of their homework book.  You no longer have to bring in the paper (order form) that was given out in class.  If you go onto and type in the code above it will prompt you to our classroom.  You then order the books and they will be shipped into school after the transaction goes through.  

Welcome to our classroom!

This site will be updated weekly to help the parents and students be informed what is happening daily in our classroom and school.  Please review the pages and let me know if you ever have any questions. 

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